Review – A Quiet Place Part II

I was pretty skeptical coming into this movie. After the first film director John Krasinski was on record saying he felt it was a “one and done” film. So obviously with this sequel I was just picturing the truck full of money they drove up to his front door. I wasn’t convinced you could successfully tell a story as good as the first film.

I’m a really big fan of the first film. It was a cinema experience I’ve never had before. I’ve never been so self-conscious about my popcorn or even how loud I was breathing. It was a captivating and unique experience. A follow-up was bound to be bad, yeah?

Well luckily, thankfully, it was actually fantastic. It wasn’t as horrifying as the first film but this was because it avoided all the same beats. To say it was more action would be selling it wrong. But it certainly felt more like The Last of Us or something similar. It’s a movie about hope and journey’s.

The opening sequence was amazing. I would go and see the film again just for that. In fact I would go and see a whole other movie if it was just that. It included some retroactive world building and I am totally here for it. With a spin-off and potential sequel there’s every chance they may dip back into this area and I won’t be mad if they do.

The movie is a brisk 97 minutes which really serves the movie. Sequels can be bloated and self-indulgent. This film is none of those things. It’s tight and everything serves the film not the filmmaker. There’s scenes in the film that in a lesser movie would be 15 minutes or more. This film hits those moments, sets up the stakes and then barrels through them.

Basically my thought is that this film had every right being bad. It could have tried to become a big franchise film. It could have just been a money gig for everyone involved. The first film was made for such a small amount that they could have used this film to make up for it. But no it’s another really solid film. I’m excited for the future films because I feel trust that story will come before indulgence.

A great follow-up and a movie with hope: ★★★★